EPD for translucent building elements made out of polycarbonate | First european PC panel manufacturer with environmental product declaration

Nowadays it is simply not enough to give yourself a green and even sustainable touch without reliable facts. Therefore, in 2019 we were the first european manufacturer of Polycarbonate panels appointing an environmental product declaration for its translucent building elements.

With the help of this EPD, architects, planners and auditors receive all key figures relevant from an environmental point of view within the framework of a building certification – for example on the carbon footprint and the overall energy balance – and this over the entire life cycle of the Rodeca translucent building elements.

The type III declaration according to ISO 14025 and EN 15804 offers reliable data on the ecological properties of the products and thus enables a value-neutral sustainability assessment of buildings.

The EPD and its results form the basis for further environmentally relevant decisions in our company. The attempt at a circular product line is one of the results.