Plastic is not just plastic

Polycarbonate is a much more sustainable material than many people think, even if it is made from petroleum and therefore fossil resources. A whole range of plastic materials are falling into disrepute due to the negative effects of plastic waste. The resulting prejudices against plastic are understandable but not always appropriate.
Polycarbonate has an average useful life of around 30 years, while a commercial grocery bag or other plastic packaging sometimes has a life cycle of just a few minutes or days.

Pure polycarbonate can be recycled and reused in a number of ways. In the case of polycarbonate building products, this can lead to a doubling of the life cycle of the original material. The service life and usability of this material cannot be equated with packaging materials or films made of plastic. Of course, regranulate resulting from recycling is not a brand-new material, but it can still be transformed into an alternative form that can be used for various purposes.

Sustainability is therefore much more than just the decision for or against a product and also more than just a trend. The way of building, designing architecture and the sensible (re)use of existing buildings that require renovation or energy-related refurbishment are key points for sustainable building. From a sustainability point of view, demolishing an old building is just as unsustainable as building new buildings. Both waste a lot of gray energy that can be saved if all planning parties think about new ways and closer cooperation.

Of course, one could argue that any materials that do not come from renewable resources should not be used in construction. Rather, this will create a new scarcity elsewhere and will not help heal the planet’s wounds that we humans have already inflicted. It is important that the use of resources is as sustainable as possible.

With the 40 mm panels, the circular products from the Rodeca SavEnergy line show an impressive example of what can be done with waste when it gets into competent hands for recycling and reprocessing. Innovative application and implementation ideas lead to new and innovative ways of sustainability and we are happy to be a part of it.