Polycarbonate elements let daylight into your building

With more than 50 years of experience, Rodeca, as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of transparent components, produces innovative solutions for architectural highlights. With our transparent components, you can optimally use daylight in your building and create a pleasant indoor climate.

Our range of products is impressive, just like the countless ideas that have already been implemented. Convince yourself of the quality of our products!

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Rodeca Lichtbauelemente System
Rodeca Lichtbauelemente System

Translucent building elements
THE translucent
tongue and groove panels

Lichtbauelemente PC 2540 7 40mm front large

Rodeca translucent building elements made of polycarbonate are valuable in terms of function and design. Thanks to the flexible design options in terms of shape, colour and function, translucent building elements are particularly suitable for use in facades and roofs.

They are both, light-transmitting and heat-insulating, and assist in shape and colour against solar radiation and hail.

The Rodeca product overview
From translucent building elements to corrugated and trapezoidal sheets to system-integrated windows, there is bound to be something suitable for your project.

  • Lighting elements
    Translucent building elements
  • U-Panels
  • Corrugated and trapezoid
    Corrugated and trapezoid sheets
  • Hollow chamber washers
    Multi-wall sheets
  • Windows
  • Thermolight panels
    Thermolight panels
  • Lamellae
  • Rodeca Produktvielfalt Multi-Funktions Paneele
    Multi-function panels
  • Rodeca Produktvielfalt SWP
    Solid wall panels
  • Solid roof panels
  • Rodeca product variety accessories
  • Our translucent facade and roof systems
    have already created impressive projects in many regions of the world.

  • Greenland

    Landkarte Grönland
    Prototype of a residential building

    The transparent house in Nuuk is an experiment to test the visionary concept for ‘Possible Greenland’ that Vandkunsten Architects designed for the 2021 Venice Biennale. About 350 m² of PC 2550-10 were used.

    Projekt Beispiel Startseite Groenland
    Projekt Beispiel Startseite Groenland
  • Portugal

    Landkarte Portugal
    Marmelo olive oil mill in Ferreira do Alentejo

    For the Oliveira da Serra olive mill construction project, over 1300 m² of orange coloured PC 2540-6 elements were used as the illuminated ceiling structure.

    Projekt Beispiel Startseite Portugal
    Projekt Beispiel Startseite Portugal
  • China

    Landkarte China
    Exhibition Centre Hangzhou, China

    The opal coloring of the 40mm thick panels supports the operator`s multifunctional lighting concept.

    Projekt Beispiel China
    Projekt Beispiel China
  • Australia

    Landkarte Australien
    St. Mary`s School, Adelaide

    More than 1200 m² of translucent building elements in crystal and opal were used for the transparent parts of the facade. A double wall structure consisting of PC 2540-7 and PC 2560-12 optimizes noise and heat insulation.

    Projekt Beispiel Startseite Australien
  • Norway

    Landkarte Norwegen
    Multi-purpose building Bygdeboxen “Bygda 2.0”

    The multi-purpose building is a meeting place for children, culture, industry, research and education. The roof was covered with 50mm thick crystal light building elements, so that artificial lighting is largely unnecessary.

    Projekt Beispiel Startseite Norwegen
    Projekt Beispiel Startseite Norwegen
  • United Kingdom

    Landkarte Großbritannien
    South Essex Basildon College

    The facade of the college building consists of approx. 1800 m² of opal coloured translucent building elements PC 2550-10.

    Projekt Beispiel Startseite Grossbritannien
  • Canada

    Landkarte Canada
    Indoor-Sport Climbing Center

    The transparent gable surface of the indoor sport climbing center provides the 2000 m² large sports hall with plenty of daylight.

    Indoor Sportkletterzentrum Canada
  • Brazil

    Landkarte Brasilien
    Papicu train station in Fortaleza

    The Papicu railway station in Fortaleza Brazil was clad with Rodeca translucent building elements PC 2540-4 and appears as a light, floating structure above the tracks, especially in the dark.

    Projekt Beispiel Startseite Brasilien
    Projekt Beispiel Startseite Brasilien
  • Indonesia

    Landkarte Indonesien
    National Museum Jakarta

    Over 4000 m² of the translucent building element PC 2540-4 BiColor was used for the transparent cladding of the top floor.

    Projekt Beispiel Startseite Indonesien
  • Italy

    Landkarte Italien
    San Giovanni in Persiceto Sports Hall

    The 40mm thick light building elements in opal colour provide glare-free daylight inside the sports hall.

    Projekt Beispiel Startseite Italien
  • Belgium

    Landkarte Belgien

    The roof of the train station in Ostend was clad with almost 16,000m² of PC MFP 2625-5 in different colors.

    Projekt Beispiel Startseite Belgien
    Projekt Beispiel Startseite Belgien
  • Sweden

    Landkarte Schweden
    Audi Quattro Lounge

    The PC 2540-6 translucent building elements in clear design were attached to a honeycomb-shaped substructure made of solid structural timber.

    Projekt Beispiel Startseite Schweden
    Projekt Beispiel Startseite Schweden
  • Spain

    Landkarte Spanien
    Santa Monica school Rivas

    The double-shell structure of the outer skin was implemented using the light building elements PC 2540-4 in BiColor and PC 2540-7 in crystal and opal. With a facade area of ​​around 2600m², school rooms were created that can largely do without artificial light.

    Projekt Beispiel Startseite Spanien
    Projekt Beispiel Startseite Spanien
  • Scotland

    Landkarte Scotland
    Sports Centre Largs

    The corrugated facade of the sports center in Largs was clad with approx. 2000m² of PC 2550-10 in the color combination DuoColor crystal – opal.

    Projekt Beispiel Startseite Schottland
    Projekt Beispiel Startseite Schottland
  • Denmark

    Landkarte Dänemark
    Copenhagen Cruise Terminal

    The cruise terminal in Copenhagen was clad with approx. 4850m² of PC 2550-10 in the color combination DuoColor Heatbloc – opal.

  • Rodeca worldwide

    At home in the world

    As one of the market leaders with intelligent system solutions for translucent components, Rodeca has been setting trends for more than 50 years. Be it in the largest metropolises in the world, or in the middle of remote natural landscapes, from aircraft hangars in China to holiday homes in Greenland

    • The quality made in Germany is valued worldwide
  • Taking sustainability further – Savenergy –


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    Time and time again we encounter the prejudice that our products cannot be sustainable. Plastic has made such a strong impression on everyone’s world and has attracted so much negative attention, especially in recent years, that it is difficult to break away from this misconception.
    We produce components that remain as part of an overall construction for decades. Even if the building is renovated or modified, this does not automatically mean that it has to be disposed of or destroyed.
    Plastics can be recycled and reused by us in many ways. Polycarbonate in particular is a very high-quality raw material that, even after recycling, can be used again for other applications or as a new raw material mixture for completely different purposes. The best examples of the sustainable reuse of polycarbonate elements that have already been used are our Savenergy panel and our Savenergy corrugated sheets.

    We support our customers
    with project planning and aftercare assistance.

    We have made it our task to support architects and builders with creativity, competence and innovation in their daily work in the best possible way.
    Thanks to original architecture, every building, whether new or old, can be designed to be visually exciting and at the same time highly energy-efficient.

    Our goal is to bring a breath of fresh air into a market that tends to be saturated with new ideas and innovativations.
    With us you have a reliable, competent and creative partner at your side.

    We would be happy to advise you!

    Project impressions

    Facades made of Rodeca translucent building elements present a fascinating option for modern architectural projects, excelling in both aesthetics and functionality. Their versatility grants architects and designers a wide range of design possibilities, spanning from minimalist to avant-garde styles. The use of Rodeca translucent building elements contributes to making buildings more energy-efficient. Thanks to their special construction, they provide effective thermal insulation while allowing natural illumination of the interior spaces. This results in a reduction of energy consumption for lighting and heating, offering both ecological and economic benefits.

    Would you like to set coloured accents, then visit our category Interactivity.

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    Questions and answers
    about our products.

    Rodeca stands for quality “Made in Germany”. Reliability, flexibility and versatility is what characterizes us. Customers appreciate our wide range of services, whether it is a commercial or technical question. We will be glad to accompany you with your project and are also available after completion. Constantly looking for new, innovative products and solutions, close customer contact is always important to us. Get in contact!

    Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic polymer. This means that it is one of the few plastics that can withstand high temperatures. It is a strong, hard and transparent material that is 250x stronger than conventional glass. In addition, polycarbonate weighs considerably less than glass. Despite its very robust product properties, polycarbonate is very easy to process and can be used in a wide range of applications. Please visit our products section for more information.

    Our products have more than one lifetime.
    Thanks to our sophisticated technologies, facades and roofs made of polycarbonate can be converted back into moldable granules after use. Recycled by global value cycles, it can be incorporated into new products worldwide.

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