A translucent facade made out of polycarbonate allows natural daylight into the building and can effectively protect against heat and cold at the same time.

Translucent building elements are suitable for energy-efficient refurbishment in existing buildings and for thermal insulation in new buildings. Thanks to the tongue and groove connection and anchoring that have been tried and tested over decades, translucent building elements can withstand even the toughest weather conditions.

Through the use of coloured elements, facades can be created that clearly differentiate and make architecture unique. Depending on the individual requirements and colouring, a facade can even be opaque from the outside and still allow daylight into the building interior.

Application example Classic facade Rodeca light element


The Classic product category includes all of our translucent building elements for facades in thicknesses from 30 mm to 60 mm.

Due to the multi-layer structure, our polycarbonate panels achieve heat transfer coefficients of 1.5 to 0.75 W/m²K. Even better thermal insulation properties are possible with double wall structures.

Thanks to the low self weight, the proven tongue and groove connection and well thought-out system accessories, all of our panels can be installed quickly and easily.

Application example Interactivity Rodeca lighting element PC 2540 4


The product category Interactivity shows products where an individual colour and surface development is possible. We look forward to a close exchange with architects and planners on the topics of colour design, individuality and aesthetics.

We want polycarbonate and translucent building elements to be perceived as individual design elements and try to underline this with the possibility of creating unique pieces.

With us you have the opportunity to realize your own ideas and make your project unique.


Recycling as a genuine contribution to improving Earth’s ecological situation is our mission.

Facade Reduce Reuse Recycle Savenergy

Savenergy panel shows an innovative product where recycled polycarbonate, which has already been used for many years as a construction element in outdoor applications (post-consumer material), can be reused for a translucent building element.

Because post-consumer recycled polycarbonate is muted in colour, it cannot be extruded or processed into bright or clear colours. For this reason we have developed the Savenergy panel.

Thanks to the Rodeca BiColor technique, the basic body (A) of the Savenergy panel can be made from post-consumer material and the top layer (B) from non-recycled material, which means that the outer layer can be coloured in all variants.

Structure of
translucent building elements

Thanks to their low weight and the simple construction system, translucent building elements and accessories can be installed quickly and with little effort.
To do this, the panels are placed in the surrounding aluminium frame system and connected to each other with tongue and groove. Additional aluminium fasteners secure the panels – even with high wind loads.

  • quick assembly
  • light weight
  • excellent thermal insulation properties
  • extremely weather resistant
  • high spans can be realized
Rodeca Lichtbauelemente System
Rodeca Lichtbauelemente System

Questions and answers
about our translucent building elements.

Usually, the choice of the right element depends on factors such as wind or snow load, required thermal properties or sound insulation properties, light transmission or even other project conditions. Feel free to contact us!

The light transmission of our products is expressed as a percentage – from 0% to 100%.
Depending on the colouring and choice of product, these values differ. Thinner products in a crystalline colouring allow much more light to pass through than thicker products in a dark colouring, for example. Light-diffusing colourations such as opal colours, or even matte surfaces can also let a lot of diffuse light into the building.

Our products have more than one lifetime.
Thanks to our sophisticated technologies, facades and roofs made of polycarbonate can be converted back into moldable granules after use. Recycled by global value cycles, it can be incorporated into new products worldwide.

Do you have questions about our facade products?
We have the appropriate answers.

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