Rodeca offers a wide range of products for special and creative interior designs.

Whether for shops, trade fair construction, stage design, or even for living rooms, colours catch the eye and arouse the curiosity of customers – gentle matt effects create calm, harmonious surfaces without disturbing light reflections. Above all, you can achieve unique effects with our products by backlighting our transparent panels.

Interior system partition walls light elements
Application Example Interior Rodeca Light Element PC 2540 4

Translucent building elements

Rodeca translucent building elements made of polycarbonate are innovative and functional. Thanks to the flexible design options in terms of shape, colour and function, the translucentt building elements are particularly suitable for use in facades and roofs, but almost any idea can also be realized in the interior. In addition, translucent building elements are easy to assemble and disassemble and are lightweight, making them the ideal choice for temporary use.

Our light building elements are also ideal for backlit projects due to their high level of transparency. And the best thing about it: at the end of their useful life, our translucent building elements can be recycled and thus make a major contribution to avoiding waste and thus to protecting the environment.

Coloured building elements give any interior a distinctive character.

Discover our colours and effects for translucent building elements. The different versions of the colouring create three-dimensional lighting and colour effects that appear differently depending on the daylight and viewing angle. These individual colour concepts allow unique projects to be designed. Feel free to check out Interactivity, our newest range of products.

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    Structure of
    translucent building elements

    Thanks to their low weight and the simple construction system, translucent building elements and accessories can be installed quickly and with little effort.
    To do this, the panels are placed in the surrounding aluminum frame system and connected to each other with tongue and groove. Additional aluminum fasteners secure the panels – even with high wind loads.

    • quick assembly
    • light weight
    • excellent thermal insulation properties
    • extremely weather resistant
    • high spans can be realized
    Rodeca Lichtbauelemente System

    The Rodeca product variety.
    Of course, all our other products are also suitable for indoor use. There are hardly any limits to your imagination here.

  • Translucent building elements
  • U-Panels
  • Corrugated sheets
  • Multi-wall sheets
  • Windows
  • Rodeca Produktvielfalt SWP
    Solid wall panels
  • Thermolight panels
  • Rodeca product variety slats
  • Rodeca Produktvielfalt Multi-Funktions Paneele
    Multi-function panels
  • Rodeca product variety accessories
  • Doing our Part for Climate Preservation
    Recycled Sheets

    Also ideally suited for sustainable interior projects our
    Savenergy panel

    Recycling as a genuine contribution to improving Earth’s ecological situation is our mission.

    Products Lighting Elements Savenergy Panel 2540 4 DecoColor

    Savenergy panel shows an innovative product where recycled polycarbonate, which has already been used for many years as a construction element in outdoor applications (post-consumer material), can be reused for a translucent building element.

    Because post-consumer recycled polycarbonate is muted in colour, it cannot be extruded or processed into bright or clear colours. For this reason we have developed the Savenergy panel.

    Thanks to the Rodeca BiColor technique, the basic body (A) of the Savenergy panel can be made from post-consumer material and the top layer (B) from non-recycled material, which means that the outer layer can be coloured in all variants.


    Our new Solid Wall Panel has been specially developed to enable high-quality cladding made of solid polycarbonate without hollow chambers. This uses our simple click system, the few accessories and the low weight of the panels. The alignment, whether vertical, horizontal or diagonal, is flexible. Using clip fasteners and the robust polycarbonate panels with a satin surface can be attached to almost all common substructures for ventilated rainscreens. SWP is also the optimal choice for backlit surfaces indoors and outdoors. A variety of lighting effects can be achieved, from homogeneous light distributions to individual light points. Transparent or opaque colors, trend color or individual color request.
    Rodeca offers an almost unlimited range of colors.

    SWP Panel Front Türkis

    Questions and answers
    about our translucent building elements.

    The choice of the right translucent building element for interior projects usually depends on the desired appearance effect, sound insulation properties, light transmission or even fastening options. Feel free to contact us and let us advise you.

    Especially for interior projects, the choice of the right substructure is hardly limited. Since usually only the own weight of the elements has to be supported, very filigree structures can also be used here. We will be happy to advise you if you have any questions regarding your project, please contact us!

    Of course, since polycarbonate elements are really lightweights, the sound insulation of the elements can not be compared with heavy solid other building materials. Nevertheless, higher sound insulation values can also be achieved, especially with multi wall constructions. We will be happy to advise you, please contact us!

    Our products have more than one lifetime.
    Thanks to our sophisticated technologies, facades and roofs made of polycarbonate can be converted back into moldable granules after use. Recycled by global value cycles, it can be incorporated into new products worldwide.

    Do you have questions about our interior products?
    We have the appropriate answers.

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