Rodeca has been convincing through innovation and experience for over 50 years. The area of applications for our transparent polycarbonate components are not only walls and roofs. Polycarbonate elements are also ideal for countless DIY projects. Let your creativity run free.

  • translucent
  • available in numerous variants
  • easy to process
  • UV protection

Do it yourself

Tongue and groove panels
Wall coverings, backlit objects, greenhouses and much more.
Multi-function panels
Conservatories, greenhouses, canopies and much more.
Solid products
Pergolas, carports, shelters, canopies and much more.
Sustainable DIY products made from recycled polycarbonate

Tongue and groove panels

Panels can be assembled into surfaces of any size thanks to tongue and groove joints. The uncomplicated systems can be assembled with few accessories and are therefore particularly suitable for private individuals and hobbyists.

Application DIY PC 2333 16 4

PC 2333-16-4 / PC 2333-20-4

Due to the tongue and groove connection, the low weight and the compact construction width of 333 mm, these panels are ideal for numerous DIY applications.

333 mm -2/+6 mm
16/20 mm +/- 0.5 mm
approx. 2,4/2,6 kg/m²
Layers / chambers
4 layers / 3 chambers
Fire classification
B-s1, d0 according to EN 13501
  • Color
    Solid colored panel

Solid multi-function panels

The solid multi-functional panels are the alternative to corrugated and trapezoidal sheets thanks to the coupling area that is outside the water-bearing plane, as well as the internal fastening.

Application DIY PC 2250 3

PC 2250-C

Due to tongue and groove connection, low weight and compact width of 250 mm, these panels are ideal for numerous DIY applications.

250 mm -2/+6 mm
approx. 1,9 kg/m2
Fire classification
B-s1, d0 according to EN 13501
  • Color
    Einfarbig durchgefärbtes Paneel
  • Heatbloc
    Die äußere Schale ist mit einer Beschichtung versehen die eine Aufheizung des Innenraums vermindert

Multi-function panels MFP

Maximum tightness is achieved due to the specially developed coupling area, which is located outside the water-bearing plane.

Application DIY MFP 2625 5 System

Multi-function panels MFP

Rodeca multi-functional panels are suitable for transparent roofing of numerous projects and allow a large degree of design freedom. The low use of aluminium profiles distinguishes this system.

Corrugated and trapezoidal sheets

Corrugated sheets made of polycarbonate have become the leading material for roofing in the DIY sector thanks to their profile structure and high light transmission.

Application DIY 76 18 Trapezoid

Corrugated and trapezoidal sheets 76/18

Our product variety of corrugated and trapezoidal sheets is characterized by numerous colour options and sustainable material compositions.
Corrugated and trapezoidal sheets from Rodeca can be made from both post-industrial and post-consumer polycarbonate in the “Savenergy” product range.

DIY houseboat wall PC 2333 16 4
DIY garden patio roof
DIY garden swing roof

Questions and answers
about our DIY products.

If possible, we will produce your desired product in the dimensions you require. Thanks to our wide range of options in terms of cutting and packaging, we are broadly positioned and also open to new requirements. Feel free to contact us!

You can cut polycarbonate elements with commercially available tools, such as jigsaws or circular saws with fine-toothed saw blades. Polycarbonate chips from sawing can be removed with compressed air, also from the hollow chambers of the elements.

In addition to the crystalline or opal standard version, colourings are possible in almost all colours depending on the quantity. If you are interested in coloured elements, we will be happy to assist you. Contact us!

Our products have more than one lifetime.
Thanks to our sophisticated technologies, facades and roofs made of polycarbonate can be converted back into moldable granules after use. Recycled by global value cycles, it can be incorporated into new products worldwide. In particular, our Savenergy corrugated sheets made of PCR polycarbonate is a good example.

Do you have questions about our DIY products?
We have the appropriate answers.

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