Translucent building elements

The Savenergy panel is an innovative product in which recycled polycarbonate, which has also been used outdoors for many years (post-consumer material), can be used again for a light building element.

Since recycled post-consumer polycarbonate has a muted hue, colourless extrusion or reprocessing into radiant shades is not possible. For this reason, we have developed the Savenergy panel.

Thanks to Rodeca BiColor technology, the basic body (A) of the Savenergy panel can be made with post-consumer material and the top layer (B) is made of non-recycled material, which allows colouring in all variants.

Produkte Lichtbauelemente Savenergy Panel 2540 4 DecoColor
Produkte Lichtbauelemente Savenergy Panel 2540 4 DecoColor

Product features

500 mm -2/+ 6 mm
40 mm +/- 0.5 mm
Up-Value Inst. vertical/horizontal
1,4 W/m²K / 1,5 W/m²K
approx. 4.0 kg/m²
Layers / chambers
4 layers / 3 chambers
Fire classification
B-s2, d0 according to EN 13501
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Recycling as a genuine contribution to improving Earth’s ecological situation is our mission.

Facade Reduce Reuse Recycle Savenergy

We often encounter the prejudice that our products cannot be sustainable. Plastic has made such a strong impression on everyone’s world and has attracted so much negative attention, especially in recent years, that it is difficult to break away from this misconception.

We produce components that remain as part of an overall construction for decades. Even if the building is renovated or modified, this does not automatically mean that it has to be disposed of or destroyed.

Plastics can be recycled and reused by us in many ways. Polycarbonate in particular is a very high-quality raw material that, even after recycling, can be used again for other applications or as a new raw material mixture for completely different purposes. The best examples of the sustainable reuse of polycarbonate elements that have already been used are our Savenergy panel and our Savenergy corrugated sheets.


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Making a genuine Contribution to improving Earths ecological Situation

Taking sustainability further

Our products have more than one lifetime.
Our sophisticated technologies make it possible: facades and roofs made of polycarbonate can be converted back into moldable granules after use. Reprocessed through global value-added cycles, it can flow into new products worldwide.

Questions and answers
about our translucent building elements.

Since the basic body of the panel is made of recycled post-consumer polycarbonate, it can only be coloured in muted shades. In order to give the possibility to colour the panel to the outside in powerful colours or crystalline, we have developed the Savenergy panel. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Thanks to newly developed technologies, we are able to recycle old polycarbonate elements that have been in use for many years and reuse them as new products. Here it is important that the used polycarbonate elements to be recycled are subject to natural aging and have not been contaminated by chemical impurities. If you have an aging polycarbonate façade or roof and are interested in a new roofing made of recycled panels, please contact us!

Of course, Savenergy panels are also UV-protected in the same high quality. Due to the external layer of the panel made of virgin polycarbonate, the UV protection is equivalent to all other non-recycled panels.

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