SaveEnergy Panel | our new circular product line |

A pigsty for happy pigs – this is one of the first projects that was realized with our new, innovative SaveEnergy panel PC 2540-4. In addition to environmental protection, the focus was on animal welfare and thus the challenge of bringing as much pleasant daylight as possible into the interior of the pigsty. At customer’s request, the panel was colored in an olive green and is still very translucent despite its color.

Polycarbonate can be recycled and reused in many ways. The circular SaveEnergy product line from Rodeca GmbH illustrates this. The return of leftovers that are no longer required on construction sites and the return of disused panel elements enables the materials to be reused in a resource- and energy-efficient manner. We pay attention to an economical and environmentally friendly production with recycled material, which is thus given a second life.

Savenergy Beitrag Happy Pig Fassade
Savenergy Beitrag Happy Pig Innen1
Savenergy Beitrag Happy Pig Innen 2