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Skizze Anwendungsgebiete

Anwendung Fassade


Discover modern architecture with Rodeca polycarbonate facade elements. Our high-quality and versatile products offer unparalleled aesthetic possibilities and robust performance. Experience transparency, energy efficiency, and innovative design options for your next construction project. Welcome to a world of limitless creativity and durability.

Anwendung Dach


Polycarbonate roof elements offer excellent thermal insulation, high light transmission, and weather resistance. With modern design and high-quality UV protection, they are ideal for large-scale roofing as well as terraces and conservatories. Enjoy an innovative solution for your roofing with aesthetic brilliance.

Anwendung Interiour


Experience the innovation of polycarbonate elements in interior spaces. Our products offer not only modern aesthetics but also exceptional versatility and durability. With transparent, colored, or textured options, you can create unique interiors that flood with light while combining style and functionality.

Anwendung DIY

DIY | Do it yourself

Discover the limitless creativity of polycarbonate for your DIY projects. Easy to handle and versatile, our elements offer endless possibilities for home improvement enthusiasts. From greenhouses to furniture, polycarbonate provides a cost-effective yet durable solution for your unique DIY ideas. Let your imagination run wild!

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