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Translucent building elements

Rodeca translucent building elements offer many advantages for your facade, such as the tongue-and-groove connection for easy muntin-free installation, high light transmission, excellent thermal insulation, UV protection, and extreme impact resistance. They are lightweight, weather-resistant, and easy to install. Various design options allow for customized designs. Thanks to their energy efficiency and recyclability, they are also environmentally friendly, making them the ideal choice for sustainable construction projects. Translucent building elements are the perfect choice for facades to bring daylight inside while ensuring effective thermal insulation.


Rodeca aluminum windows are specially designed for use in Rodeca facades, featuring a continuous frame for translucent building elements. They can be glazed with either light building elements or insulating glass. Our three window series range from non-thermally broken windows for simple industrial glazing to thermally broken windows for residential construction.

Multi-wall sheets

Rodeca multi-wall sheets are extremely versatile and available in various thicknesses and widths. Upon customer request, they can be produced in flexible widths with closed side edges. 


Polycarbonate lamellae can be produced in flexible widths and colors according to customer requirements. The primary applications for PC lamellae include louvered vents and inserts for thermal insulation. However, it is also true that almost any project can be realized from a purely constructive standpoint.

Multi-function panels

Thanks to the couplings on the longitudinal sides, the connection of the panels lies outside the water-bearing layer, making this system suitable for low roof slopes starting from 5°. This product can be used for roof applications, but there is also nothing to prevent the use of multifunctional panels in facade areas.

Thermolight Paneles

Thermolight polycarbonate panels can be integrated into roof constructions made of trapezoidal sheet metal or profiled sandwich panels in an economical, quick, and easy manner. Due to their flexible sizes and versatile applications, these systems allow for a high degree of design freedom.


Thanks to the couplings present on the longitudinal sides, which are connected by a polycarbonate clip and lie outside the water-carrying layer, this system is suitable for low roof slopes starting from 5°. U-panels can be used for roofing applications, but they are also suitable for use in facades.

Corrugated sheets

Single-skin corrugated sheets are extremely versatile. Through our extensive production capabilities, numerous variations are possible in terms of colors, surface effects, and widths. We produce corrugated and trapezoidal sheets not only from polycarbonate (PC) but also from post-industrial (PIP) and post-consumer recycled materials (PCR), allowing us to make a significant contribution to active environmental protection.

Solid wall panel SWP

Our brand new single-shell Solid Wall Panel was specially developed to make high-quality polycarbonate facade cladding possible without much effort. Our simple click system, the few accessories and the low weight of the panels are used. 

Solid roof panel

The solid Polycarbonate panels 2250-C are ideal for smaller roofs in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. They enable easy connection through a click system, so no additional profiles are necessary. The fixation is made by using covered fasteners, which ensures maximum watertightness. 


Rodeca offers a wide range of accessories. From frame profiles made of aluminium to technical profiles made of polycarbonate and sealing profiles made of thermoplastics.
We also offer customized profiles, please contact us!

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