Simply functional
Rhombus slats made of Polycarbonate

Rodeca polycarbonate rhombus slats are unique. They impress with weather resistance, low maintenance requirements, and easy and quick installation using concealed brackets. Compared to wood, they do not require protective coatings and are extremely versatile. Made from recycled polycarbonate and themselves recyclable, PC rhombus slats are an environmentally conscious solution.

Available in three standard colors.

Moss green
Swedish red

One element for numerous applications

Rhombus slats are versatile building components that can be used in architecture, furniture construction, gardening and landscaping, and DIY projects. Thanks to their shape and aesthetic variety, they are applicable in numerous applications.

The Rodeca rhombus slats are available in three standard colors. Additional colors can be produced upon request.

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Easy installation thanks to concealed brackets.

Rodeca rhombus slats can be easily attached to almost any substructure using aluminum brackets. Disassembly is equally simple and quick, making Rodeca rhombus slats the optimal choice for temporary applications.


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Questions and answers
about our PC rhombus slats.

Rodeca polycarbonate rhombus slats are weather-resistant and low-maintenance compared to wood. They are particularly lightweight and quick to install and can be produced in various colors.

We would be happy to provide you with samples of the rhombus slats for your project. Please contact our sales team by phone or through our contact forms to arrange this.

Rodeca rhombus slats are secured to the on-site substructure using aluminum brackets. The brackets, as well as the end caps for the ends, are included in the delivery.

Our products have more than one lifetime. Our advanced technologies make it possible: facades and roofs can be transformed back into moldable granules after their use. Through global value cycles, it can be reprocessed and incorporated into new products worldwide.

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