The modern alternative to corrugated sheets made of polycarbonate

The solid Polycarbonate panels 2250-C are ideal for smaller roofs in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. They enable easy connection through a click system, so no additional profiles are necessary. The fixation is made by using covered fasteners, which ensures maximum watertightness. Thanks to the high-quality UV protection, the panels are durable and resistant to weather influences. These properties make the 2250-C polycarbonate panels a reliable and practical solution for a wide range of roof constructions.

PC 2250-C

250 mm
approx. 1.9 kg/m2
Fire classification
  • Color
    Einfarbig durchgefärbtes Paneel
  • Heatbloc
    Die äußere Schale ist mit einer Beschichtung versehen die eine Aufheizung des Innenraums vermindert


Here you can see examples that show a diverse selection of projects from the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Discover projects in different colours and designs that show the versatility and aesthetics of the PC panel PC 2250-C. Be inspired by innovative designs and creative applications that are functional and visually appealing.

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    Save resources through recycled polycarbonate

    Post-industrial recycling conserves resources and reduces the need for new raw materials, which protects the environment. The Rodeca PC Panel 2250-C can be produced from 100% post-industrial material. The amount of production waste can be significantly reduced and environmental protection is promoted through lower energy consumption and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

    Simple and quick installation


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    Here you can see the simple installation of the Rodeca polycarbonate system PC 2250-C. Thanks to the well-thought-out design, installation is also possible without much technical skill. Only standard tools are required. The light weight of the panels also makes handling easier. The system offers a user-friendly and efficient solution for a wide range of construction projects.

    Questions and answers
    to PC 2250-C.

    We would be happy to send you samples of the PC 2250-C panel for your project. Please contact our sales team by telephone or using our contact forms.

    The PC 2250-C panels are attached to the on-site substructure using covered aluminum fastener clips. Flat head or countersunk head screws can be used for this.

    The standard colour version of the panels is crystal (colourless) and opal (milky white). However, it is possible to produce the panel in all colours similar to RAL. Please contact us!

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