Light elements PC 2540 4 40mm system

Translucent building element
PC 2540-4

Light elements PC 2540 4 40 mm

PC 2540-4 is our versatile panel for facades, roofs and interiors. The handy, light panel achieves U-values of 1.4 to 1.5 W/m²K and is also part of our Interactivity product line as a panel that can be coloured in different ways.

Heat insulating.

The special structure of our panels made of PC layers and air chambers guarantee excellent thermal insulation despite maximum light transmission.

At the same time, they offer excellent resistance to wind loads and impacts. The panels are manufactured with co-extruded UV protection on the outside to prevent weather-related effects. In addition, polycarbonate has a high temperature resistance and is therefore perfect for use in roofs and walls.

WHL Residential Rotterdam Light Element PC 2540 6

Product features

500 mm -2/+ 6 mm
40 mm +/- 0.5 mm
Up value Inst. vertical/horizontal
1.4 W/m²K / 1.5 W/m²K
approx. 4.0 kg/m²
Layers / chambers
4 layers / 3 chambers
Fire classification
B-s1, d0 according to EN 13501

Colours and treatments

  • Color
    Solid colored panel
  • BiColor
    The inner shell of the panel is colored differently from the rest of the
  • DecoColor
    The outer shell is colored differently from the rest of the
  • Interactivity
    Individual color development and surfaces according to customer requirements

Documents and downloads

Aircraft hangar Italy PC 2540 4 BiColor green crystal
Sacred Heart College Camberwell Light Element PC 2540 4
  • Chill Factor Manchester Light Element PC 2540 4
  • Giacomo Zanella Primary School Verona lighting element PC 2540 4
  • Kindergarten Memmingen Light element PC 2540 6 opal_A
  • AMRC Training Centre Sheffield Light Element PC 2540 4 Bi crystal opal
  • Autogrill Montefeltro Ovest light element PC 2540 4
  • Excel Exhibition Center London Light Element PC 2540 4 red
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    Project examples

    Here are some project examples that show the use of the translucent building element PC 2540-4. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

    Questions and answers
    about our translucent building elements.

    Usually, the choice of the right element depends on factors such as wind or snow load, required thermal properties or sound insulation properties, light transmission or even other project conditions. Feel free to contact us!

    Please follow the link to in our download area.
    Our standard profile series are available there as CAD files. Do you need assistance with your detailed planning? We are happy to help, contact us!

    The basic information on load-bearing capacities can usually be found in the technical documentation directly on the page of the corresponding product, or also clearly arranged in the download area.

    Declarations of performance can be downloaded from the corresponding download area.

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