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Stripes are at the heart of design of the DecoStripe line. They ensure a special eye-catcher and an unique look. Whether as shading for roof or wall or as a decorative element, DecoStripe products are versatile and give every project a special touch.

The stripe design of the Rodeca DecoStripe products is unique and distinctive.

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PC 2540-6 DecoStripe

DecoStripe 2540-6 Full Size

Countless colour combinations
make the DecoStripe panel an important part of our Interactivity line.
Make your project unique!

2540-6 Deco Stripe Varianten

The polycarbonate panel PC 2540-6 DecoStripe can be used both as a roof and wall element and offers countless colour combinations for an individual design.

Technical details:

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Decorative shading

The offset stripes create an undisturbed diagonal incidence of light. This is how Rodeca DecoStripe products create a pleasant and at the same time exciting atmosphere in every room. The vertical incidence of light is reduced, which ensures a particularly interesting look. With DecoStripe products, you do not only create optimal use of daylight, you can also enjoy pleasant privacy, for example when used as a partition.

Zeichnungen Sonne Decostripe

HKS 16-5 DS

The unique DecoStripe variant of the 16 mm multi-wall sheet with 5 layer is a real highlight. With UV protection on both sides, you can freely choose whether to lay the side with wide stripes or the side with thin stripes on the sunny side. The stripes on both sides of the sheet create not only an unique effect, but also an effective shading.

Hohlkammerscheibe 16-5 Decostripe 1
Surface with wide stripes
Hohlkammerscheibe 16-5 Decostripe 2
Surface with thin stripes
16 5 DecoStripe

HKS 32-10 DS

The DecoStripe variant of the 32 mm multi-wall sheet with 10 layers offers a similar unique effect as the 16 mm variant. Both surfaces have stripes of the same width, which, in addition to the special look, also create an unique shading. The 32 mm variant also offers excellent thermal insulation properties.

Hohlkammerscheibe 32-10 Decostripe 1
Surface with wide stripes
32 10 DecoStripe

HKS 16-N

Diagonal webs inside the double-shell structure create a very special effect. Depending on the viewing angle or the incidence of sunlight, the multi-wall sheet can appear opaque to fully transparent, depending on the colouring. Thanks to our innovative extrusion technology, even the outer walls, webs and diagonals can be coloured differently.

Hohlkammerscheibe 16-N Decostripe
Zeichnungen Sonne 16-N
16 N DecoStripe
Deco Stripe 16-5 Terrassendach


Rodeca DecoStripe products are translucent and can provide shading at the same time. Colours, silhouettes and light are effectively scattered thanks to the modern striped look.
Let your patio roof, facade or project become an unique highlight!

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